Vigilance Bureau suspended the employees

The Vigilance Bureau (VB) has unearthed another scam concerning a fraud in labor cartage and transport tenders in the Ferozepur grain markets. It is alleged that contractors, in connivance with officials of the Food and Civil Supplies Department, have defrauded and embezzled money.


  1. r cartage and transport in the grain markets of Ferozepur and Mamdot for wheat/stock items for the 2022–2023 timeframe.The suspected contractors had lists of the registration numbers of cars for goods transportation attached when they submitted proposals for lab
  2. 65
  3. 665
  4. +++

Several invalid car license numbers, including those for motorcycles, jeeps, and tractor-trailers, were listed in these bids.

The details of the number of food grains have turned into a case of bogus reporting and theft as revealed in the gate passes to the grain markets since the vehicle numbers were incorrect. Without checking these gate passes, the concerned department’s authorities paid the contractors.


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