Top 4 Museums of Cairns, Australia 2022

Cairns is more known for its natural marvels than its cultural centers in tropical northern Queensland.

Scuba divers and adventurous visitors looking to make the most of Australia’s wonderful outdoors flock to this city on the verge of the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest

There are, however, some intriguing local museums to explore during your stay. The unusual attractions on this list will give much to see and do for tourists of all ages, whether you’re feeling creative or simply need an inside activity during the rainy season.

Check out this list for an interesting and educational tour of Cairns’ museums.

1. Cairns Art Gallery is a gallery in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Cairns’ major cultural institution, which opened in 1995, is this relatively new art gallery. The exhibits often focus on the city’s location in the tropics as well as the region’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s creativity.

The Cairns Art Gallery also presents international and Australian touring exhibits. It’s open seven days a week in a charming government building from the 1930s.

2. Cairns Museum, Queensland,

The historical and cultural Cairns Museum is impossible to miss since it is housed within the old School of Arts in the city’s center.

Visitors may explore four permanent displays in the museum, which highlight the history and culture of the city, which was formed in 1876 on Yirrganydji lands. On Sundays, the museum is closed.

3 Hou Wang Chinese Temple & Museum

The Hou Wang Taoist Temple, southwest of Cairns, was established in 1903 to service a growing Chinese community.

The country’s sole extant wood and iron Chinese temple, most of which was built in China and shipped to Australia. When it was no longer in use in the 1920s, it was transferred to the National Trust of Australia.

The temple has been lovingly restored and now houses educational exhibits on Chinese culture in Far North Queensland.

4 The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum

The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum is the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest museum of its sort. This privately held collection spans the centuries from the 1800s to the present, with a focus on World War II.

You may purchase a ticket for an armored vehicle ride after you’ve seen the displays (daily at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.). Alternatively, you may buy entrance to the specialist shooting gallery, which includes a variety of bolt action rifles, including a WW2 British 303 and a German Mauser.

The museum is situated in Smithfield, just north of Cairns, and is open every day.

Cairns’ museums fit in with the rest of its people and rich culture. Visit the city’s museums if you’re seeking something more profound and important. These museums will help you learn about Cairns’ cultural, artistic, scientific, and historical aspects.

Aside from the conventional arts and history museums, we’ve created a list of the greatest and most free museums in the city. At the Cairns Museum of Science, you may learn about and interact with the marvels of science.

At war museums or monuments, be enthralled by the extraordinary tales of heroes. In Cairns, you may go awe with your kids at natural history museums or spend time at children’s museums.

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