Top 10 Best Things To Do In Melbourne With Family

Melbourne is a trendy, vibrant metropolis, with an exciting city center, inner-city districts that are full of distinct character, and lush green parks and mountainous regions where you can appreciate Australian nature at its best.

Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is a beautiful city to visit and explore. With a pleasant temperature, excellent infrastructure, and a diverse range of attractions, this quickly rising city is a must-see destination.

Melbourne is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia, bringing millions of visitors each year to its city center.

Not only does Melbourne have a plethora of interesting locations to visit, but there are also numerous places nearby that are equally interesting to see.

There are several spots to visit around Melbourne that are less than a few hours’ drive away from the city center. We’ve compiled a list of ten such locations in and around Melbourne, Australia, that you might enjoy seeing during your visit to the state of Victoria.

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Melbourne

Melbourne is a very tiny state, yet it has a lot to offer. There are several attractions in and around the capital city that will capture your interest. See this list of 10 locations to visit in and around Melbourne to experience the best of Victorian charm at its finest…

1. Check out the amazing Street Art

Melbourne is well-known for its street art, and it is regarded to be one of the world’s street art capitals, according to some sources.

The city government has classified some places as acceptable for street artists, and the street art here is of very high quality and changes on a regular basis.

It’s a terrific method for emerging street painters to gain experience in the artistic aspect of graffiti, and provide organized venues for this incredible creative outlet helps to minimize the levels of graffiti elsewhere, while also adding a great urban atmosphere that visitors and residents alike love.

You can view a map of Melbourne’s street art on this page.

The Melbourne street art tour is even led by street artists for those who would prefer a more in-depth explanation of what they’re seeing, how it’s created, and who is part of this intriguing underground art scene.

2. National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Melbourne was established in 1861, making it the country’s oldest and biggest art gallery, as well as the country’s oldest and largest museum. The gallery first opened its doors during the Gold Rush era of the nineteenth century, when there was a burgeoning demand for great art.

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The National Gallery of Art has built an impressive collection throughout the years, and with it, a deservedly prestigious reputation.

Its collection, which includes genuine Australian Aboriginal art as well as post-colonial works, totals more than 70,000 items and is divided into three categories. It is recommended that you spend the entire day here, coming early in the morning to avoid long lines.

After your visit, take a stroll down the Yarra River on the Southbank to take in the sights of the city.

3. Catch a Moonlight Movie in the Park

During the summer, the Royal Botanic Gardens presents nightly movies (the majority of which are huge Hollywood productions). Food and beverages (including alcohol) can be brought in, and you can relax with a comfortable picnic while viewing some outstanding films.

Imagine it similar to going to a drive-in movie theatre without the need for a vehicle. The only thing you should do is check the weather in advance. You should bring a blanket to sit on as well as a sweater (it can get a little chilly sometimes).

Because they will cancel if it rains heavily, but not if it rains lightly, it’s important to pack a rain jacket (or reschedule) if the weather isn’t cooperating.

 4. Visit Flinders Street Station and Federation Square

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Melbourne With family

The main entrance to Flinders Street Station is a charming cultural icon of Melbourne that can be found on numerous postcards and tourist brochures: this magnificent edifice, which was built in 1910 and is listed on the Victorian historical register, is a landmark of the city’s history and culture.

In addition to Australia’s biggest train station, a modest shopping center with delicious culinary options, and easy walking access to Southbank are all available on the site.

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Over the road from the City of Melbourne is Federation Square, another Melbourne landmark. The Square’s architectural architecture is distinctive and interesting, making the Square unlike anywhere else in the world.

Once you’ve arrived in the Square, be sure to stop by the Australian Centre of the Moving Image, which has housed fascinating exhibits on themes such as Claymation, as well as the Ian Potter Centre art gallery.

5. Enjoy the Views from the Skydeck at Eureka Tower

If you want to see the city from a great spot, read on! The Eureka Tower is in the middle of Southbank. It is really 91 stories tall and stands in the middle of the neighborhood.

This beautiful skyscraper was named after the Eureka Stockade, a rebellion by gold prospectors in the Victorian goldfields in 1854. Gold-plated windows and the building’s gold crown really sparkle when the sun shines on them. This is part of the Gold Rush theme, and it adds to the fun.

If you want to look at the Southern Hemisphere from above, you can go to the Skydeck, which is on the 88th floor. The Edge is a glass cube that slides out three meters from the building for people who don’t get dizzy.

Visit at sunset to get a great view of the city both during the day and at night, when the lights sparkle and shine as the sun fades behind a cloudy blue sky.

6. Yarra Valley

One of the best places to visit in Melbourne is the Yarra Valley, which is full of a wide range of natural wonders.

There are high deserts, ocean fronts, and spectacular vineyards. Yarra Valley is a world-famous tourist spot in Australia that is a great way to get away from the city.

The Yarra Valley is home to about 50 wineries and microbreweries, and it’s known as a great place to drink wine and see wildlife.

The valley also has a lot of dense forests where you can see a lot of different animals, like Koala bears, Wombats, Lyrebirds, and Kangaroos. You can go hiking and visit small towns like Warburton and Marysville, which are full of wildlife that is unique to Australia.

7. St Kilda Beach

One of the best places to go in Melbourne, you should visit St Kilda Beach. The beach is 6 km from the city’s main center. It has white-sand beaches and a lot of things to do on the water.

The best time to visit this beach in Melbourne is in the summer when the weather is nice. Sitting on the beach, doing water activities, and watching the sunset are some of the best things anyone should do. You can swim, sunbathe, surf, fish, and do many other things at the beach.

The beach is also full of restaurants and food stands where you can get some tasty food from all over the world. You can see this beautiful beach in Melbourne because it is surrounded by the St Kilda Esplanade, which has a lot of things to do, like the St Kilda Sea Baths and the famous Sunday Esplanade market.

This makes the beach one of the most popular places to visit in Melbourne.

8. Rock out

This city is famous for having a lot of live shows, especially rock music.

There are a lot of bands going on at any given time, and the city draws in a lot of international talent, including some that are just starting out.

Iconic Australian singer-songwriter-poet-author Nick Cave is also from this city and lives there.

There are a lot of good places to see a band. The Corner Hotel, Evelyn Hotel, Spotted Mallard, Ding-Dong Lounge, Post Office Hotel, Ding-Dong Lounge, Esplanade Hotel, and Palais Theater are some of them.

9. The Yarra River

Yarra River is seen as the heart of Melbourne, and it would be a shame not to walk along its banks.

In the daytime, you can see gorgeous street art and buildings that look a little different. There are a lot of different colors in the water when the lights are turned on at night.

At any time of the day, a Yarra walk is pleasant and relaxing to be around.

The riverbanks have barbecue and picnic areas as well as piers and places to fish. There are also paths and trails for people who want to go for a jog or bike ride by the water.

Take one of the riverboats at Southgate or Princes Walk, or even go down the Yarra on your own.

That’s a good way to get to places like Melbourne Park, the Royal Botanical Gardens, or Herring Island Park, which are all good places to visit.

This river also hosts a lot of festivals and events all year long. A lot of people love going there, and it’s one of the best things to do in Melbourne.

10. Philip Island

Philip Island, which is located near Melbourne, has a great deal to offer. While visiting the island, keep an eye out for penguin colonies and take part in motorbike racing. The Cowes Beach area, which includes the picturesque Smiths Beach, is the primary settlement on Philip Island.

Thousands of wild penguins waddle through the Philip Islands’ Penguin Parade, which is one of the island’s most popular attractions.

Visits to the Koala Conservation Centre, the Chocolate Factory, and the Grand Prix Circuit are also available. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Nobbies outcrop, which provides some breathtaking views of the Seal Rocks site.

My Final Words …

There are several day outings and weekend vacations available in the surrounding area of Melbourne. With the help of this tour, you may discover both well-known and lesser-known destinations in and around the beautiful city of Melbourne.

So, plan a vacation to Australia, travel to Melbourne, and take in the sights at these surrounding attractions for an extraordinary experience!

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