Population of Shepparton 2022

Shepparton is a city in the state of Victoria, situated 181 kilometers north-northeast of Melbourne.

Shepparton is the sixth most populous municipality in Victoria, with more than 60,000 people. It is also the 29th most populous city in Australia, according to the 2011 census.

According to our analysis, the population of Shepparton will reach 67,770 people by the end of June 2022.

It is calculated based on an average annual growth rate of 1.08 percent for the previous ten years, beginning in 2011.

We pick the end of June each year since the Australian Bureau of Statistics usually publishes data after the Australian financial year when the information is collected.

We feel that utilizing numbers from recent years (as shown in the table in the next section) will improve the accuracy of the estimation.

Population Growth of Shepparton

As we look back over the previous ten years at the population of Shepparton, the growth rate has been very consistent and strong, ranging from 0.71 percent to 1.44 percent every year, adding around 449 to 880 persons per year to the entire population.

People were flocking to Shepparton for its employment prospects and proximity to Melbourne, making it a popular choice. Consistent increases in the birth rate, on the other hand, ensure that the population continues to grow.

YearPopulationGrowth rate

Demographics of Shepparton

According to the most recent Australian census, 49.7 percent of the population of Shepparton is male, with 50.3 percent of the population being female.

The average resident is 39 years old. 76 percent of respondents identified Australia as their place of birth, followed by India (1.9 percent) and the UK (1.3 percent). Afghanistan (1.2 percent) and New Zealand (1.1 percent) were also among the top five countries of birth.

Among the most often spoken languages at home are English (76.8 percent), Italian (2.1 percent), Arabic (1.9 percent), Punjabi (1.4 percent), Hazaraghi (0.8 percent), and Turkish (0.8 percent), among others.

Shepparton has a religious makeup that is comprised of 27.1 percent No Religion, as specified, 24.7 percent Catholic, 11.5 percent Anglican, 11.1 percent Not declared, and 6.1 percent Uniting Church, according to the 2011 census. Christianity was the most prevalent religious group in Shepparton, according to the data collected (59.4 percent )

Population Density of Shepparton

Shepparton has a population density of 201 persons per square kilometer, which is considered high.

Occupational and Industrial Classifications

In Shepparton, the most common occupations are professionals (17.2 percent), managers (14.4 percent), laborers (13.9 percent), technicians and trades workers (13.7 percent), and clerical and administrative workers (11.8 percent), according to the most recent census.

People from Shepparton work in a variety of industries, with hospitals accounting for 5.6 percent of all jobs (except Psychiatric Hospitals).

In addition to supermarkets and grocery stores (2.7 percent), primary education (2.6 percent), aged care residential services (2.5 percent), and secondary education (2.3 percent), there were other important businesses providing employment.

In terms of working hours, 11.6 percent worked one to fifteen hours, 9.5 percent worked sixteen to twenty-four hours, and 41.3 percent worked forty hours or more.

Best Universities in Shepparton Australia 2022

Most students want to go to the best college, no matter where it is. So, if you want to go to one of the best universities in Shepparton, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best universities in Shepparton where you can go to school in 2022.

Even though it’s called a multicultural city around the world, Shepparton is home to 150 different types of people. It has a great climate, a lot of things to do, and a strong economy that attracts a lot of international students.

The best universities of Shepparton to go to in 2022 will be found here. A lot of people are, too! People from all over the world come to live and study in Australia’s biggest city, which The Economist ranked fifth in the world in 2021. People enjoy the summer sun, beautiful beaches, a laid-back way of life, and a bustling city center.

So here are the top 5 Study Destinations in Shepparton –

  1. La Trobe University Shepparton Campus
  2. The University of Melbourne, Shepparton Campus
  3. Shepparton Christian College
  4. Sirius College – Shepparton Campus
  5. Notre Dame College, Shepparton

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Best Private Hospitals in Shepparton , Australia 2022

It doesn’t matter if you need a hospital now or in the future. It’s important to know which private hospitals in your area are there. A handy checklist has been put up to assist you in shortlisting the finest local private hospitals in your area. Please see below for further information.

Try looking for “Private Hospitals” in our database and entering your zip code to get started. Maintain the same search for areas near your workplace/school and other typical sites that you may find yourself in so that you have a backup plan if the worst happens and you need to flee.

Patients can also get information on the sort of treatment that is provided by hospitals that provide specialized care, such as private maternity facilities. Taking a deeper dig into their websites might disclose a great deal of information about the organization as well as crucial contacts for any inquiries that you may have.

So here are the top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Shepparton  –

  1. Sherbourne Clinic. Private Hospitals
  2. Shepparton Private Hospital.
  3. Goulburn Valley Health
  4. Shepparton Surgical and Endoscopy Group.
  6. Shepparton Surgery
  7. Wyndham House Clinic
  8. Dennis Gyomber Urology

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Best Museums in Shepparton, Australia 2022

The Shepparton Motor Museum honors the history of driving in Australia and is home to a collection of vintage, veteran, muscle, and modern automobiles, among other vehicles.

The museum also includes one of the world’s greatest collections of historic bicycles, some of which date back to the nineteenth century.

Furphy water carts, a renowned Australian enterprise, are housed at the Shepparton Motor Museum’s collection, which is open to the public.

So whether you are interested in automobiles, bicycles, motors, motorcycles, or engineering, they offer something for everyone. All of this is located just two hours north of Melbourne.

Here are the top 8 Best Museums in Shepparton 

  1. Shepparton Motor Museum
  2. Moooving Art Shepparton
  3. Shepparton Art Museum
  4. Shepparton Heritage Centre. History Museums
  5. Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum
  6. Gallery Kaiela
  7. Bangerang Cultural Centre
  8. Rust Repurposed

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Crazy Things to do in Shepparton, Australia

This city on the Goulburn River has a lot of good things, like fresh food, wine, water, and warm weather.

Farming has long been in Shepparton’s blood, made possible by a massive irrigation network, and the surrounding Goulburn Valley is strewn with vineyards and wineries, all of which are eager to welcome you to their establishments.

Back in Shepparton, there are fantastic museums dedicated to art and transportation, as well as a moving herd of full-sized painted cows that are expanding in number to commemorate the city’s farming background.

Open farms, Australia’s largest adventure playground, and a massive pool complex are all within easy reach, so you won’t be short of ideas for adventures.

Here are the top 10 Crazy Things to do in Shepparton 

  1. Victoria Park Lake
  2. Shepparton Art Museum (SAM)
  3.  Moooving Art Shepparton
  4. Museum of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE)
  5.  Goulburn Valley Wine Region
  6. Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton
  7.  KidsTown Adventure Playground
  8. Shepparton Heritage Centre Museum
  9. Shepparton Observation Tower
  10. Lower Goulburn National Park

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Amazing Beaches in Shepparton that you need to visit in Australia

There are a lot of people who call Shepparton Harbour City. A better name for the city would be the Town of a Hundred Beaches. People who live in Shepparton have a lot of beaches, and there are many golden beaches spread out across all of them. But there are so many beaches to choose from that it can be difficult to pick the right one.

It can be difficult to find the best beach in your city. To help you, we’ve looked at almost every beach in the city and given points for how accessible it is, how beautiful it is, how many facilities it has and how unique it is.

So here are the Amazing Beaches in Shepparton that you can visit –

  1. Mooroopna Swimming Pool
  2. Advance Fitness Northside
  3. Tatura Swimming Pool
  4. Murchison swimming pool
  5. Numurkah Outdoor Pool
  6. Tocumwal Town Beach
  7. Kyabram Swimming Pool
  8. Merrigum Hotel

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History About Shepparton Australia

The townsite of Shepparton was first surveyed in 1855. As a result of the subdivision of huge pastoral ranges for farm selection in the 1870s, Shepparton’s population more than doubled between 1871 and 1881, rising from 33 to over 1000 people. In 1873, a flour mill, a store, and John Furphy’s foundry were all established.

Shepparton is a small town in the City of Greater Shepparton in the state of Victoria. It is about 190 km north of Melbourne’s CBD. It is in the area where the Goulburn River flows. There are a lot of jobs in Shepparton that are related to farming and manufacturing, and it is home to SPC Australia.

People have lived in Shepparton and the rest of Australia for about 40,000 years. Because Shepparton’s Aboriginal history isn’t documented, history buffs might be missing out on stories of tribal wars for tens of thousands of years. There was an Aboriginal word for the place where big fish are caught in the river called “Kanny Goopna,” or “Kanny Goopna River.”

Famous Personalities From Shepparton, Australia

According to the research, Shepparton is also famous for being the hottest actor and actress. They were very popular all over the country.

We’ve chosen a few of the most popular, talented, Gorgeous, beautiful Australian actresses. Let’s look for the best female and male actors from Shepparton, Australia. The actresses are some of the best-known blondes in Australia.

Adam Briggs  Musician
Anson CameronAuthor
Adam DonovanMusician and founder of Augie March
Joseph FurphyAuthor
Sir Bernard Thomas HeinzeMusician

Shepparton Facts and Figures

  1. The name of Shepparton comes from the surname of one of the area’s first European settlers. Sherbourne Sheppard was one of them.
  2. Shepparton’s main industries are farming and manufacturing that goes along with it. Australia’s biggest producer of canned fruits, SPC Ardmona, is based in Shepparton, which is in the country.
  3. During the middle of the 19th century, the city was a sheep station and a river crossing. Then, it underwent a major change as a rail town.
  4. Shepparton has the second-largest Aboriginal community in Victoria after Melbourne. About 4% of the city’s population is Aboriginal.
  5. More than 42.6 percent of the families were couple families with kids, 38.6 percent were couple families without kids, and 17.5 percent were one-parent homes.
  6. Children ages 0-14 made up 19.9% of the population, and people 65 years old and over made up 17.5% of the population.


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