Population of Rockhampton 2022

Rockhampton is a city in Central Queensland. It is 636 kilometers from Brisbane to the north. Over 81,000 people live in Rockhampton.

The city is the fourth-largest city in the state of South East Queensland. Also, Rockhampton is the 22nd most populous city in Australia, with 0.33 percent of the country’s population.

According to our study, people in Rockhampton will be 83,080 by the end of June 2022.

The end of June is the date we use each year because the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) always pushes data for the Australian financial year at the end of each month.

The figure is based on the average growth rate of 0.48 percent over the last 10 years, from 2011 to 2013. Using data from the previous few years (see the table in the next section) will help us make the estimate more correct.

Population Growth of Rockhampton

Looking at the population of Rockhampton over the last ten years, the growth rate isn’t very steady. It ranges from 2.13 percent to -0.87 percent.

During 2012 and 2013, the city had the fastest growth rate, adding 1,678 and 1,237 people to the total population. In the last two years, the number of people living there has dropped. The job opportunities in Rockhampton could be one of the reasons why the population has fallen.

YearPopulationGrowth rate
201178,939 n/a
201280,617 2.13%
201381,854 1.53%

Demographics of Rockhampton

According to the city’s census, there are 78.3% of Rockhampton residents born in Australia. 2.0% of people said they were born in New Zealand, 1.3% said they were born in England, 0.7% said they were born in Korea, the Republic of, 0.6% said they were born in India, 0.5% said they were born in Sri Lanka, and 0.5% said they were born in India.

23.1 percent of the people in Rockhampton are Catholic, 21.5 percent don’t have a religion, 16.8 percent are Anglican, and 14.7 percent don’t say which religion they are. More than 6.8 percent of people in the United Kingdom belong to the Uniting Church, 4.3% are Presbyterian and Reformed, 2.6 percent are Baptist, 1.8 percent are Christian, and 1.0 percent are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Population Density of Rockhampton

Rockhampton has 139 people per square kilometer, making it one of the most crowded cities in Queensland.

Occupational and Industrial Classifications

According to the census, the most common jobs in Rockhampton are: 20.8% of individuals are employed as laborers, 15.6% as technicians and tradespeople, 12.9% as managers, 12.5% as the community and personal service providers, 10.7% as professionals, 9.8% as clerical and administrative employees, 9.4% as machinery operators and drivers, 7.4% as salespeople, and 0.9% as occupations that are insufficiently characterized or not listed.

Fifteen percent of people in Rockhampton work in Accommodation and food services. 13.5 percent of people in Rockhampton work in health care and social assistance. Ten percent of people in Rockhampton work in manufacturing.

Best Universities in Rockhampton Australia 2022

Top Universities in Rockhampton 2022 – a full list of schools in Rockhampton, Australia, with information on fees, admission method, ranking, rating & reviews (including student testimonials), curriculum, and facilities (as well as contact information and address).

Select a school from the Rockhampton school list to learn more about the university, including information on admissions requirements, fees, curriculum, school contact information, rankings, reviews, and ratings of the best schools in Rockhampton.

The following list includes both national and international schools in Rockhampton, including playschools, preschools, pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and senior secondary schools, as well as K12 universities.

See Best Pre Schools in Rockhampton for a list of schools that solely provide pre-kindergarten, play-school, and daycare. The following list of schools in Rockhampton includes both girls’ and boys’ schools, as well as co-ed institutions that provide day or boarding/residential programs in Rockhampton.

So here are the top 6 Study Destinations in Rockhampton –

  1. Willby’s Training Restaurant CQ University Australia
  2. CQUniversity Rockhampton North
  3. Kingsley College, Rockhampton
  4. CQUniversity Rockhampton City
  5. The University of Queensland, Rural Clinical School, Rockhampton
  6. The Cathedral College, Rockhampton

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Best Private Hospitals in Rockhampton, Australia 2022

Whether you require a hospital right now or in the future, it is critical to be aware of which private hospitals are available in your region. A handy checklist has been put up to assist you in shortlisting the finest local private hospitals in your area. Please see below for further information.

Begin by looking through our directory for “Private Hospitals” and entering your zip code in the search box. Maintain the same search for areas near your workplace/school and other typical sites that you may find yourself in so that you have a backup plan if the worst happens and you need to flee.

Consider reading through the reviews and ratings for each listing to gain a sense of how the facilities are handled and the sort of care they provide from the perspectives of others.

Patients can also get information on the sort of treatment that is provided by hospitals that provide specialized care, such as private maternity facilities. Taking a deeper dig into their websites might disclose a great deal of information about the organization as well as crucial contacts for any inquiries that you may have.

So here are the top 5 Best Private Hospitals in Rockhampton

  1. Hillcrest- Rockhampton Private Hospital
  2. House Call Doctor
  3. Mater Misericordiae Hospitals
  4. Mater Hospital Audiology & Diagnostic Centre
  5. Mercy Health & Aged Care Central Queensland Limited

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Best Museums in Rockhampton, Australia 2022

The new Rockhampton Museum of Modern art is now complete, with the construction phase concluded.

In addition to huge flexible exhibition spaces, multi-purpose teaching facilities, a restaurant, retail space, and a function room on the top floor overlooking the Fitzroy River, the museum will include a café and shop space. It will also be equipped with the most up-to-date technologies, including temperature and climate control.

The project, which will cost $36 million, will get $15 million in financing from the Building Our Regions initiative. This investment in the local economy and community demonstrates the critical role that cultural infrastructure plays in the growth of a region’s economy and culture.

Here are the top 8 Best Museums in Rockhampton

  1. Rockhampton Museum of Art
  2. Central Queensland Military and Artefacts Museum
  3. Archer Park Rail Museum
  4. Rockhampton & District Historical Society
  5. Rockhampton Art Gallery
  6. Rockhampton Heritage Village
  7. Rockhampton Heritage Trail
  8. Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

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Crazy Things to do in Rockhampton, Australia

Rockhampton, located just inland from the Central Queensland Coast, is one of the state’s oldest cities, having been established on the banks of the Fitzroy River as early as the 1850s.

There is a lot of architecture from Rockhampton’s early decades still standing in the city’s central business district, particularly along Quay Street on the River Front.

Much of this was financed by the gold rush, and the city is now known as the “Cattle Capital of the World.”

Because it is located on the Tropic of Capricorn, Rockhampton features a beautiful, lush botanic garden that is home to one of the state’s greatest zoos.

If you travel a little farther out, you’ll come across old limestone caverns, breathtaking mountain vistas, and the beaches of the Capricorn Coast, among other things.

Here are the top 10 Crazy Things to do in Rockhampton, Australia

  1. Rockhampton Botanic Gardens
  2.  Mount Archer National Park
  3. Rockhampton Zoo
  4. Rockhampton Heritage Village
  5. Archer Park Rail Museum
  6. Capricorn Caves
  7. Kershaw Gardens
  8. CBD Heritage Walk
  9. Rockhampton Art Gallery
  10. Pilbeam Theatre

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Amazing Beaches in Rockhampton that you need to visit in Australia

The top beaches in Rockhampton have been compiled on their quest to uncover outstanding family attractions and places to explore near you. There are ten different beaches to choose from in Rockhampton. Discover the best destinations to take your children on a family vacation and plan your next journey!

All of the beaches on our list have been graded based on their suitability for children of all ages, their amenities, and whether they are ideal for rainy days or best when the sun is shining.

In addition to being historically significant or educational, several of the sites on our list would be appropriate for class field excursions or as methods to keep learning going while having fun over the school holidays.

So here are the Amazing Beaches in Rockhampton that you can visit 

  1. Zilzie Beach
  2. Shelley’s Beach
  3. Emu Park Main Beach
  4. Kinka Beach
  5. Mulambin Beach
  6. Kemp Beach
  7. Lammermoor Beach
  8. Cooee Bay Beach
  9. Yeppoon Main Beach
  10. Farnborough Beach

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History About Rockhampton Australia

The town of Rockhampton was established in 1858 by royal proclamation. A survey of the town was carried out at this time, and the first sales of construction allotments took place in the following year.

Canoona was the site of a gold discovery in 1859. Miners flocked to the new field, taking advantage of the fact that Rockhampton, on the Fitzroy River, was the closest navigable port at the time.

Famous Personalities From Rockhampton, Australia

According to the research, Rockhampton is also famous for being the hottest actors and actresses. They were very popular all over the country.

We’ve chosen a few of the most popular, talented, Gorgeous, beautiful Australian actresses. Let’s look for the best female and male actors from Rockhampton, Australia. The actresses are some of the best-known blondes in Australia.

Name of residentProfession
Christine AnuAustralian performer and radio presenter. Anu spent her teenage years living in Rockhampton, graduating from Emmaus College in 1987. Her performance in the school production of South Pacific led to an audition with the NAISDA, marking the start of her career.
Archibald ArcherQueensland politician, and one of the Archer brothers. Sat in the Queensland Parliament from 1867 until 1886, serving as the 12th Treasurer of Queensland from January 1882 until November 1883. Archer was also an advocate for the Central Queensland Territorial Separation League.
Duncan ArmstrongSwimmer, Olympic gold medallist at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Steve BaxterAustralian entrepreneur and investor. Appears as one of the ‘sharks’ on Shark Tank. Although born in Cloncurry and raised in Emerald, Baxter was a student at North Rockhampton State High School before leaving school at the age of 15 to join the army.[7]
John BeanAustralian cinematographer. Attended Glenmore State High School. Began his career with WIN Television in Rockhampton, before moving on to a 20-year career with ABC Television. Killed alongside ABC reporter Paul Lockyer and pilot Gary Ticehurst in a helicopter crash in 2011.
Alexander BelonogoffSportsman, Rowing. Won a silver medal as part of the crew competing in the quadruple scull at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Leanne BenjaminBallet dancer, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet in London.
George BirchCo-founder of the Birch, Carroll, and Coyle cinema chain, now trading as BCC Cinemas – part of the Event Cinemas group

Rockhampton Facts and Figures

  1. Rockhampton has a humid subtropical climate. The city has over 300 sunny days each year.
    People live in a city called Rockhampton that is 580 km2.
  2. Rockhampton is the capital of Central Queensland, but it’s not official. In this case, it’s about 8 metres above sea level and a few kilometres to the north of the Tropic of Capricorn.
  3. People in Rockhampton City are on average 38 years old. This is the middle or average age.
  4. Every third May, the Beef Australia Expo is held at the Rockhampton Showgrounds. This is the third time this year.
  5. Capricorn is home to the Darumbal Aboriginal people, who have lived there for a long time.
  6. In 1902, the City of Rockhampton was made into a real place.
  7. 4700, 4701, and 4702 are the post codes for Rockhampton.


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