Population of Northern Territory 2022

Northern Territory was also known as NT has the smallest population in Australia. The state’s capital city is Darwin.

Darwin has an estimated population of over 120,000 people. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders account for 26.8 percent of the Northern Territory’s population.

The Northern Territory has a total area of 1,349,129 km² which accounts for around 17.5 percent of Australia’s total landmass. The ‘Top End’ of the Northern Territory has a coastline that extends more than 13,500 km.

By the end of June of 2022, there will be 252,770 people living in the Northern Territory. Each year, we use the end of June.

This is because the ABS always sends data for Australia’s financial year. As of 2011, the average growth for the last 10 years was 0.81%. We assume that using data from the last few years (see the table in the next section) will help us make the estimate more accurate.

Population Growth of Northern Territory

Looking at the population increase in the Northern Territory during the previous eight years, the rate has been rather slow, ranging from 0.20 percent to 2.56 percent each year, adding from 500 to 6,000 people to the entire population each year.

The population of the Northern Territory has grown at a slower rate during the previous two years. The average growth rate in Australia is the lowest of any of the country’s states.

YearPopulationGrowth Rate

Demography of Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has a male population of 51.7% and a female population of 48.3%, according to the most recent census.

In the Northern Territory, is the most common ancestry is Australian, with the second most common being English. Kriol, Djambarrpuyngu, Greek, Warlpiri, and Murrinh Patha are the top five other languages spoken in the Northern Territory, followed by English.

Australia, England, the Philippines, India, and the United States are the top six countries of origin for persons living in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Northern Territory’s religious makeup is 23.9% No religion, 21.6% Catholic, 14.6% Religious affiliation not specified, 11.4% Anglican, 6.9% Uniting Church, 3.7% Lutheran, 2.7% Baptist, 2.4% Christian, 1.8% Eastern Orthodox, and 1.7% Buddhism.

Population Density of Northern Territory

The population density of the Northern Territory is 0.16 people per square mile, which makes it the lowest population state in Australia.

The population density of the Northern Territory is only a small fraction of the population density of the Australian Capital Territory in Australia, which is where the capital city is. It is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

PositionStatePopulation Density
1Australian Capital Territory151.49
3New South Wales8.64
6South Australia1.62
7Western Australia0.89
8Northern Territory0.16

Occupations and Industries

There are 19.9 percent professionals, 15.1 percent technicians and trades workers, 14.7 percent clerical and administrative workers, 13.4 percent community & personal service workers, 12.0 percent managers, 9.6 percent laborers, 6.8 percent sales workers, and 2.4% Occupation inadequately described/ Not stated in the Northern Territory.

20.9 percent of Northern Territory residents work in public management and safety, 10.0 percent in healthcare and social support, 8.9 percent in education/training, 8.1 percent in retail commerce, 6.2% in lodging and food services, 4.9 percent in professional, scientific, and technical services, and 4.7 percent in transportation, postal, and warehousing.

History About Northern Territory

It was more than 60,000 years ago that Aboriginal people started living in the Northern Territory. British groups tried to settle the coast of the Territory from 1824 to 1869, but no settlement was successful until Port Darwin was built.

At least 48,400 to 68,700 years ago, humans were living in the present area of the Northern Territory. For at least the last five centuries of that time, there are said to have been a lot of trade links between the Indigenous populations of this area and what is now Indonesia.

With the arrival of the British, there were four early simply an attempt to settle the harsh climate of the northern coast. Three of these failed, and the people were starving and lost hope. It was part of colonial New South Wales from 1825 to 1863, except for a short time from Feb to December 1846, when it was part of short-lived North Australia. It was part of South Australia from 1863 until 1911 when it became its own state. The inland telegraph was built between 1870 and 1872 when South Australia was a colony. 

Best Schools in Northern Territory Australia 2022

With an estimated population of 140,000, Darwin is the state capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, accounting for 0.60 percent of the country’s total population. With a total land area of 3,163.9 km2, it is the least populous capital city in Australia.

The Department of Education and Training is in charge of education in Darwin, and it is always working to improve the level of education for all students, with a special focus on Aboriginal students. In addition to local students, there are a variety of public and private schools that cater to both local and foreign students.

Here are the Best Schools in Northern Territory Australia 2022

  1. Good Shepherd Lutheran School , Woodroffe, Palmerston
  2. Gunbalanya School, West Arnhem. 
  3. Jingili Primary School, Darwin.
  4. Nhulunbuy Primary School, Nhulunbuy.
  5. Yipirinya School, Alice Springs.
  6. Papunya School, Macdonnell Shire
  7. Woolianna School, Victoria – Daly
  8. Yipirinya School, Alice Springs
  9. Barunga School, Roper Gulf Shire
  10. Yipirinya School, Alice Springs

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Crazy Things to do in Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA

The Northern Territory, which is located in the north of Australia, is more than 1,300,000 km2. This state, also known as the Top End because of where it is, is the Australian Bush in its purest form. People who live in the real Outback.

In this area, the weather is very bad, and that’s what makes it so different in the whole world. Because of this, it is also one of the least populated states. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to look at!

In the Northern Territory, there are many things to see and do. Natural selection to Alice Springs is two places you should not miss. They also have national parks, hot springs, and Aboriginal art and culture.

Here are the Top 10 FUN THINGS TO DO IN THE Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA

  1. Sunset at Uluru
  2. Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park
  3. The Kangaroo Sanctuary, Alice Springs
  4. Sunset at Mindel Beach, Darwin
  5. Kings Canyon Rim Walk
  6. Kakadu National Park
  7. Dinner and drinks at the Ski Club, Darwin
  8. Yellow Water Billabong Cruise, Kakadu
  9. Buley Rockholes, Litchfield National Park
  10.  Tubing in Redbank Gorge

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Amazing Beaches in Northern Territory that you need to visit in Australia

In Australia, the Northern Territory is not a popular beach destination. This is due to the presence of saltwater crocodiles and jellyfish in the state’s oceans (in the summer months only). In any case, there are some great beaches in the Northern Territory that you should check out, like this one.

Here are the Top 8 Amazing Beaches in Northern Territory Australia

  1. Mindil Beach
  2. Wagait Beach
  3. Darwin Waterfront Precinct
  4. Galaru (East Woody Beach)
  5. Cossies Beach
  6. Lameroo Beach
  7. Little Bondi Beach
  8. Cape Arnhem
  9. Shady Beach

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Famous Personalities From Northern Territory Australia

The Northern Territory is a part of Australia that is in the center and middle northern parts of the country. You can see it from Western Australia to the west, South Australia to the south, and Queensland to the east of the country.

There are three seas to the north: The Arafura Sea, Timor Sea, and the Gulf of Carpentaria. The territory looks out to Western New Guinea and other Indonesian islands in the region.

David GulpililActor
Jessica MauboySoundtrack
Warwick ThorntonCinematographer
Maude GarrettSelf
Tommy LewisActor
Rosalie Kunoth-MonksActress
Robert TudawaliActor
Troy HoneysettActor

Northern Territory Facts and Figures

  • The Finke River in the Northern Territory is the world’s oldest river system, with segments reaching back as long as 340 million years.
  • There are about three-quarters of the people living in the cities of Darwin and Alice Springs.
  • Port Essington, the first settlement in the Northern Territory, was built in 1824 to keep the French from settling there.
  • The land has virtually little farming. They sell peanuts, pearl shells, and trepan.
  • From 1825 to 1863, the Northern Territory was part of New South Wales. From 1863 to 1911, it was part of South Australia, which was part of Australia from 1863 until 1911.
  • National Geographic Travel put the Northern Territory on their list of the 20 best places in the world to visit in 2014.
  • The Arrernte Aboriginal people are the people who lived in Alice Springs in the past.
  • It is said that Alice Springs has more art galleries and centers per person than any other place in Australia.


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