Population of Mount Gambier 2022

Mount Gambier is the second-largest urban area in South Australia, with a population of over 27,000 people, and is the state capital.

Only 17 kilometers separate Mount Gambier from the border of Victoria, which is approximately 450 kilometers south-east of Adelaide (South Australia’s state capital city).

The city’s volcanic and limestone formations are well-known around the world. Blue Lake is the most well-known natural attraction.

According to our estimates, the population of Mount Gambier will reach 28,257 people by the end of June 2022.

Every year, the end of June is used since the Australian Bureau of Statistics consistently follows the Australian financial year when releasing the statistics.

The figure is based on an average growth rate of 0.77 percent for the previous ten years, dating back to the year 2011. We feel that utilizing numbers from recent years (as shown in the table in the next section) will improve the accuracy of the estimation.

Population Growth of Mount Gambier

Looking back over the previous ten years, the population of Mt Gambier has grown at a remarkably constant rate, ranging from 0.38 percent to 1.39 percent every year, with an annual increase of from 101 to 358 individuals to the entire population.

In the previous two years, the rate of growth has slowed. However, because of the tiny population, there isn’t much of a difference in terms of the number of individuals.

There aren’t many people moving into or out of Mt Gambier in general. The majority of the population expansion is due to organic growth.

YearPopulationGrowth rate
201125,773 n/a
201226,131 1.39%
201326,398 1.02%

Demographics of Mount Gambier

According to the most recent census, around 48.6 percent of the population is male, and 51.6 percent of the population is female (Australia census). 84.9 percent of inhabitants were born in Australia, and over 91.5 percent of residents were Australian citizens, with just 1.6 percent belonging to indigenous groups.

Mount Gambier is 60 percent, Christian, with 21.5 percent Catholics, 11.4 percent Anglicans, 8.9 percent Uniting Church, and 6.9 percent Presbyterians making up the religious mix of the community. A total of 26.9 percent of the population does not identify as religious. An additional 12.1 percent of those polled decided either not to declare their ideas or did not sufficiently explain their beliefs at all.

Population Density of Mount Gambier

In Mt Gambier, there are 150 persons per square kilometer of land area, making it one of the most densely inhabited metropolitan areas in the state of South Australia.

Occupations and Industries

Professionals account for 17.6 percent of the population, followed by 14.1 percent of technicians and trades workers, 12.6 percent of clerical and administrative workers, 12.4 percent of sales workers, 12.0 percent of laborers, 11.6 percent of managers, 11.0 percent of community and personal service workers, 6.6 percent of machinery operators and drivers, and 2.1 percent of occupations that are inadequately described or not stated.

In terms of employment, the most popular industries were log sawmilling and timber dressing (8 percent), school education (4.8 percent), and retail trade (3.8 percent), with an unemployment rate of around 7 percent.

Best Universities in Mount Gambier Australia 2022

Most students want to go to the best college, no matter where it is. So, if you want to go to one of the best universities in Mount Gambier, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best universities in Mount Gambier where you can go to school in 2022.

Even though it’s called a multicultural city around the world, Mount Gambier is home to 180 different types of people. It has a great climate, a lot of things to do, and a strong economy that attracts a lot of international students.

The best universities of Mount Gambier to go to in 2022 will be found here. A lot of people are, too! People from all over the world come to live and study in Australia’s biggest city, which The Economist ranked fifth in the world in 2021. People enjoy the summer sun, beautiful beaches, a laid-back way of life, and a bustling city center.

So here are the top 5 Study Destinations in Mount Gambier

  1. University of South Australia, Mount Gambier Campus
  2. Mount Gambier High School
  3. TAFE SA
  4. U3A Mount Gambier
  5. Flinders Rural and Remote Health SA Mt Gambier campus

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Best Private Hospitals in Mount Gambier, Australia 2022

Every Citizen deserves good health guidance and support to reach and sustain better health outcomes, from programs that assist you in reaching better health outcomes to guidelines for long-term health concerns. For us, it’s all part of our strategy to help you have a better and happier life.

So here are the top 7 Best Private Hospitals in Mount Gambier

  1. Mount Gambier and Districts Health Service
  2. Country Health Connect – Mount Gambier Community Health
  3. Bupa Mt Gambier
  4. Hawkins Medical Clinic
  5. Tristar Medical Group Mt Gambier
  6. Village Medical Centre
  7. Skylight Mental Health Mount Gambier

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Best Museums in Mount Gambier, Australia 2022

There were some small displays of war memorabilia at the Mount Gambier Visitor Center, and they were trying to get people interested in the Mount Gambier RSL’s (Return Service League) War Museum.

The Museum is located on Sturt Street, behind the main bar of the Mount Gambier Community RSL club; simply ask one of the kind members of staff to direct you there.

It was amazing how much the RSL has in their collection from the moment we entered. If you have the opportunity to donate money on your way into the museum, they would greatly appreciate it. If you call ahead, staff can arrange a guided tour of the museum, which is fantastic if you want to have a more personalized visit to the museum.

Here are the top 8 Best Museums in Mount Gambier

  1. Centenary Tower
  2. Dingley Dell
  3. Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre
  4. Old Mount Gambier Gaol
  5. Petticoat Lane
  6. Millicent National Trust Museum
  7. Millicent Civic and Arts Centre
  8. Mount Gambier RSL War Museum

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Crazy Things to do in Mount Gambier, Australia

If you live in South Australia, you’re not far from a volcano. The second-largest city was built right on top of one.

All over the city, you can see amazing geomorphologies, like volcano rims, crater lakes, caves, and two sinkholes that were turned into gardens at the end of the 19th century.

People go to Mount Gambier in the summer to see the Blue Lake, which turns cobalt blue for a few weeks each year. This is a beautiful sight.

When Europeans first came to South Australia in 1800, Mount Gambier was the first place they named and identified. There’s a tower at the volcano’s summit that was built 120 years ago to remember this.

Here are the top 8 Crazy Things to do in Mount Gambier

  1. Umpherston Sinkhole
  2. Blue Lake
  3. Cave Garden
  4. Engelbrecht Cave
  5. Centenary Tower
  6. Valley Lake
  7. Mount Schank
  8. The Riddoch & Main Corner Complex

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Amazing Beaches in Mount Gambier that you need to visit in Australia

Beaches in South Australia are a very important thing. That’s not a surprise, since the state’s coastline is 4,200 km long, with 500 km of pristine coast on Kangaroo Island alone.
The best thing about it? Almost all of these beaches are so big that you won’t have to look for a place to go.

We recently took a road trip through South Australia. Researchers spent most of our time on the beautiful coasts, which you’ll learn more about in this post.

South Australia isn’t very well known, so not many people go there. Most people from Melbourne and Sydney go to the Gold Coast, Queensland, or Byron Bay, New South Wales, for a beach vacation.

So here are the Amazing Beaches in Mount Gambier that you can visit

  1. Brown Beach
  2. Swimskool Mount GambieR
  3. Pt Macdonnell Beach.
  4. Nelson Estuary Beach
  5. Port MacDonnell Beach, Mt Gambier, Beach.
  6. The Blue Lake South Australia
  7. Nangwarry Pool
  8. Jens Hotel, Mount Gambier
  9. Ocean Beach 

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History About Mount Gambier Australia

The dormant Mount Gambier crater was discovered in 1800 by Lieutenant James Grant while sailing on the survey brig HMS Lady Nelson. The crater was named for Lord James Gambier, Admiral of the Fleet, after whom it was discovered.

In what would become the colony of South Australia, it was the first settlement named by the British in what was then known as New South Wales. Centennial Tower, which was erected in 1901 to commemorate the first sighting, marks the summit’s highest point.

As part of an overland journey to investigate the Mount Gambier region, Stephen Henty, a descendant of the Henty brothers who had significant landholdings in Portland and Merino, led a group of people in 1839. He was the first white person to climb to the summit and see the blue crater lake, which was formed by a volcano.

Famous Personalities From Mount Gambier, Australia

According to the research, Mount Gambier is also famous for being the hottest actors and actresses. They were very popular all over the country.

We’ve chosen a few of the most popular, talented, Gorgeous, beautiful Australian actresses. Let’s look for the best female and male actors from Mount Gambier, Australia. The actresses are some of the best-known blondes in Australia.

Robert HelpmannActor
Kasey ChambersSoundtrack
Corinne Deanna CampbellActress 
 Matthew ClayfieldWriter
 Tony PasinActor

Mount Gambier Facts and Figures

  1. Mount Gambier‘s urban area is mostly located over the northern slopes and plain of a maar volcano of the same name, which serves as the city’s primary landmark.
  2. The timber sector, which is backed by milling activities, is the most important industry in the country. Exports of dairy products, beef, lamb, and wool are significant.
  3. Mount Gambier is located 436 kilometres north of Adelaide and 441 kilometres south of Melbourne, and it is the centre of a thriving transportation business as a result of its strategic location between the two cities.
  4. After being formally established as a city on December 9, 1954, Mount Gambier has grown to become a major tourist destination in south-east South Australia.
  5. Mount Gambier is the principal service centre for the tourism zone known as The Limestone Coast, which encompasses the surrounding area.
  6. It is warm and dry in the summer, while it is chilly and rainy in the winter. July is the wettest month of the year.
  7. Other volcanic features, such as Mount Schank, may be found in the area around the city, as well as several karst features, such as water-filled caverns and sinkholes, in the surrounding area.
  8. The tourism industry is one of the most important in Mount Gambier. It makes an estimated $100 million in contributions to the economy.


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