Population of Lismore 2022

Lismore is a city in the state of New South Wales that is 734 km northeast of the capital city of Sydney.

The city has more than 27,000 people, which makes it the 18th most populated place in NSW. It is also the 46th-largest city in Australia by population.

By the end of June 2022, there will be 27,669 people living in Lismore. The end of June is the date we use each year because the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) always pushes data for the Australian financial year at the end of each month.

Over the last 10 years, there has been an average growth rate of 0.068%. We think that using data from the last few years (see the table in the next section) will help us make the estimate more correct.

Population Growth of Lismore

Overall, Lismore’s population has grown very little in the last ten years. The growth rate is very slow, ranging from 0.02% to 0.15 %, which adds about 6 to 40 people to the overall population each year.

There was only a 0.3 per cent growth rate over five years, which means that less than 100 people changed their names. The jobs and birth rate haven’t changed much over the years, which is why the population hasn’t grown much. The growth is very low compared to the growth of the whole country.

YearPopulationGrowth rate

Demographics of Lismore

Lismore has a census that shows that 47.7% of the people who live there are men, and 52.3 per cent are women.

A lot of people in Lismore are over the age of 41. Top countries of birth: Australia 83.3 per cent, England 2%, New Zealand 1%, Philippines 0.5%, Italy 0.4%, Germany 0.4%, and the Philippines 0.5% are the countries where the most people were born.

English is the most common language spoken at home, with 87.5 per cent of people speaking it. Italian is spoken 0.7 per cent of the time, German 0.3 per cent, Mandarin 0.3 per cent, Auslan 0.2 per cent, and Tagalog 0.2 per cent are spoken less often.

The religious groups in Lismore consist of: 31.0 per cent of people who don’t have a religion at all. Catholics make up 22.2 per cent, Anglicans make up 14.8 per cent, and Not stated makes up 11.0 per cent. Presbyterian and Reformed make up 4.9 per cent. In Lismore, Christianity was the most common religion reported by the people who lived there (61.1 per cent).

Population Density of Lismore

The population density in Lismore is 185 people per square mile.

Occupations and Industries Classifications

Those who live in Lismore work in the following occupations: professionals (19.2%), community and personal service workers (13.7%), technicians and trades workers (13.5%), labourers (13.5%), and clerical and administrative workers (13.1%).

Most people who live in Lismore work in Hospitals, where 6.3% of the work (except Psychiatric Hospitals). Aged Care Residential Services, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores, Secondary Education, and Other Social Assistance Services were some of the other big industries that had a lot of jobs in them.

Among those who worked, 13.5% worked 1 to 15 hours, 10.8% worked 16 to 24 hours, and 33.1% worked 40 hours or more.

Best Universities in Lismore Australia 2022

The Southern Cross University, Lismore, or SCU, is a public Australian university founded in 1994 and based in Lismore, New South Wales. In 2017, it was named among the 10 largest universities in the Asia-Pacific region. It operates on a term academic calendar and provides a wide range of courses.

So here are the top 4 Study Destinations in Lismore

  1. Northern Rivers University Department of Rural Health
  2. Southern Cross University
  3. North Coast Community College
  4. Nimbin Community School Co-op

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Best Private Hospitals in Lismore, Australia 2022

As a tertiary referral hospital, Lismore Base Hospital provides inhabitants of the Northern Rivers area with access to a wide range of specialised services that are not available via district hospitals in the region.

The hospital performs more than 8,100 surgical operations each year, including vascular and upper gastrointestinal procedures.

It provides sophisticated perioperative, emergency, trauma, and elective surgical services to the community. As well as providing diagnostic and interventional cardiology through its cardiac catheter laboratory and coronary care unit, the hospital also houses adult, adolescent, and child mental health facilities as well as the North Coast Cancer Institute, which provides patients with advanced oncological and haematologic support.

Pain treatment therapies are available as outpatient services, as is a needle exchange programme that is unique to the region.

So here are the top 7 Best Private Hospitals in Lismore

  1. St Vincent’s Hospital, Lismore
  2. Lismore Base Hospital
  3. Lismore Private Day Surgery
  4. Northern NSW Local Health District
  5. Stocks St opp St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  6. North Coast Radiology Lismore
  7. Dr Adam Boyce

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Best Museums in Lismore, Australia 2022

The Richmond River History Society Museum, which has won several awards, houses one of the most comprehensive historical collections in remote Australia.

The museum is housed in the former Lismore Municipal Building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, with the primary exhibition presented in the ancient Council Chamber. The museum’s walls are lined with panels made of native rainforest woods.

Indigenous culture, European settlement, industry, and shipping are all included in exhibitions that celebrate the area’s illustrious past.

Among the exhibits are artefacts used by Aboriginal people and earlywood getters, as well as household objects that show the difficulties of everyday living for pioneering families in the 1800s and 1900s. The museum is managed entirely by volunteers, and it includes a Research Center that has substantial archives and materials.

Here are the top 5 Best Museums in Lismore


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Crazy Things to do in Lismore, Australia

In the midst of beautiful rural landscape Lismore, located about 20 minutes inland from the coast, is a town known for its arts and culture.

This neighbourhood is home to a large number of artists and musicians, and there are a plethora of cafés and pop-up galleries to choose from.

Located in the heart of Lismore’s creative district, the Lismore Regional Gallery hosts must-see exhibits and serves as a focal point for The Quad, the city’s creative playground.

The progressive community of Nimbin, located just north of Lismore’s central business district, has counter-culture origins that date back to the early 1970s.

You may thank the hippies for their anti-logging demonstrations back in the day, which helped to protect beautiful local natural areas such as Protestors Falls.

Here are the top 7 Crazy Things to do in Lismore

  1. Lismore Regional Gallery
  2. Lismore Quadrangle (The Quad)
  3. Nimbin
  4. Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens
  5. Friends of the Koala
  6. Heritage Park Railway
  7. Lennox Head Beach

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Amazing Beaches in Lismore that you need to visit in Australia

Lismore is located in the centre of the area, and it is home to thriving art and music scene, which is populated by a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

The alternative community of Nimbin is well-known for its hippie culture, vibrant murals, and one-of-a-kind events, among other things. Google is a little town nestled in the lush hinterland that serves as a gateway to stunning national parks and rainforests.

The Richmond Valley, which lies to the south and includes beaches, rivers, and national parks, is a large region. As the state’s cattle capital, Casino, an art deco hamlet on the banks of the Richmond River, is well-known for its beef production.

Evans Head is located on the coast and has ocean beaches, a tranquil estuary, national parks, and delectable fresh seafood. Visit the little communities of Woodburn, Coraki, and Rappville, which are all worth a visit.

So here are the Amazing Beaches in Lismore that you can visit –

  1. Inch Beach
  2. Garryvoe Beach
  3. Ballydwan beach
  4. Bonmahon beach
  5. Ardmore Beach
  6. Fountainstown Beach
  7. Youghal Beach
  8. Splashworld

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History About Lismore Australia

Lismore City Council petitioned the Right Hon. Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Edinburgh, Scotland, for the award of a Coat of Arms based on Scottish heraldry and using relevant ancient symbols. The petition was granted by the Right Hon. Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The award of the coat of arms took place on January 29, 1947.

This three-compartment shield design serves as a basis for the Coat of Arms of Canada.

There are three sections to this painting: the first depicts an ancient galley of Lorne; the second depicts an Episcopal mitre suspended in mid-water, indicating that the Island of Lismore, the seat of the historic episcopal see, is depicted in mid-water; and the third section depicts the meaning of the word ‘Lismore’ (The Great Garden), with white roses surrounding a bull’s head.

The bull’s head is an emblem of the manufacturing industry in the Lismore area.

Famous Personalities From Lismore, Australia

According to the research, Lismore is also famous for being the hottest actor and actress. They were very popular all over the country.

We’ve chosen a few of the most popular, talented, Gorgeous, beautiful Australian Personalities From Lismore, Australia. Let’s look for the best female and male actors from Lismore, Australia. The actresses are some of the best-known blondes in Australia.

Lindsay Aked OAMOrder of Australia Medal
Peter Allen musician and singer.
Maia MitchellTV ACTRESS

Lismore Facts and Figures

  1. In Lismore, 35.0 percent of the families were couple families with children, 37.3 percent were couple couples without children, and 25.9 percent were one parent households, according to the Census Bureau.
  2. Lismore is located around 200 kilometres south of Brisbane and 46 kilometres south-west of Byron Bay.
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people accounted for 6.2 percent of the population in 2010.
  4. Lismore is the commercial centre of the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, and it also the state capital.
  5. Summers are often warm at night and mild to hot during the day, with late afternoon showers becoming more likely.
  6. Socceroo Craig Foster was born in Lismore, New South Wales, in 1969.
  7. It is well-known in Lismore for its regular flooding. When the waters surged to a height of 12.1 metres in 1974, it was considered to be one of the worst floods in recorded history.
  8. The primary business centre of Lismore is located 35 kilometres east of the city’s eastern shore.


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