Population of Brisbane 2022

Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and has a population of over 2.4 million people, making it the third-most populous city in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne, respectively.

Approximately 19 percent of the total national population resides in the city of Brisbane. Brisbane is one of Australia’s oldest towns, having been constructed on the historic homelands of the indigenous Turrbal and Jagera peoples.

It is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Brisbane has a total land area of 15,826 km2.

According to our analysis, the population of Brisbane will reach 2.774 million people by the end of June 2022. As a result, we utilize the end of June each year because the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) follows the Australian financial year when releasing the statistics.

The figure is based on an average annual growth rate of 3.13 percent for the previous ten years, dating back to 2011. We feel that utilizing numbers from recent years (as shown in the table in the next section) will improve the accuracy of the estimation.

Population Growth of Brisbane

Looking back over the previous 10 years, the population of Brisbane has grown at a highly steady and strong rate, ranging from 1.32 percent to 6.67 percent every year, adding around 30,000 to 140,000 people to the entire population.

One of the factors contributing to population expansion is the fertility rate, which is higher than average. Another one is interstate migration.

Overseas migration also plays a significant role in the demographic expansion of Brisbane. Brisbane’s sunlight and other habitable qualities attract individuals from all over the world and from all around the state.

YearPopulationGrowth rate
20111.98 millionn/a
20122.10 million6%
20132.24 million6.67%
20142.27 million1.34%
20152.30 million1.32%
20162.38 million3.48%
20172.42 million1.68%
20182.48 million2.48%
20192.56 million3.31%
20202.62 million2.34%
20212.69 million2.67%

Demography of Brisbane

Population statistics show that individuals in Brisbane are most likely to have come from one of the following six countries of origin: Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, India, and the Philippines.

The top five ancestries of individuals in Brisbane are: English, Australian, Irish, Scottish, and German, with the rest being a mix of the above.

The top five languages are spoken in Brisbane (apart from English) are Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, and German, with Mandarin being the most common.

47.1 percent of Brisbane residents are married, 36.6 percent have never married, 8.5 percent are divorced, and 3.1 percent are legally separated. Brisbane has a total of 73834 widowed persons living in it.

Population Density of Brisbane

The population density in Queensland is 145 persons per square kilometer, placing it as the sixth most populous city in Australia, behind Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane’s population density is much below that of a world-class metropolis, according to international standards.

YearPopulationGrowth rate
20111.98 millionn/a
20122.10 million6%
20132.24 million6.67%
20142.27 million1.34%
20152.30 million1.32%
20162.38 million3.48%
20172.42 million1.68%
20182.48 million2.48%
20192.56 million3.31%
20202.62 million2.34%
20212.69 million2.67%

Occupations and Industries

In the most recent census, the most common occupations of people living in Brisbane were 22.7 percent professionals, 16.3 percent clerical and administrative workers, 13.4 percent technicians and trades workers, 11.5 percent managers, 9.6 percent community and personal service workers, 9.5 percent sales workers, 9.0 percent laborers, 6.2 percent machinery operators and drivers, as well as 1.8 percent occupations that were inadequately described or not stated.

Individuals in Brisbane work in a variety of industries, the most prevalent of which are health care and social assistance (12.5%), retail trade (10.1%), manufacturing (9.2%), professional, scientific, and technical services (8.2%), construction (8.2%), educational and training (8.1%), public administration and safety (7.5%), accommodation and food services (6.0%) and transport (5.3%)

Best Universities in Brisbane Australia 2022

A population of 2,349,69 people makes Brisbane both the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Queensland, and the third most populated city in the entire country of Australia.

In a bend of the Brisbane River, roughly 15 kilometers from Moreton Bay, the urban area is nestled between two islands.

The following is a complete list of all of Brisbane’s universities. Arabia attempts to provide the most up-to-date information, assisting you in locating the finest university in Brisbane by providing information on tuition prices, accreditation data, videos, images, a map of the campus, and community reviews and ratings, among other things.

So here are the top 7 Study Destinations in Brisbane

  1. The University of Queensland (UQ)
  2. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  3. Griffith University
  4. Central Queensland University (CQ)
  5. Australian Catholic University, Brisbane Campus
  6. The University of Queensland
  7. Brisbane Montessori School.

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Best Private Hospitals in Brisbane, Australia 2022

At Brisbane Private Hospital, you will be cared for by some of the greatest medical professionals in the country. The emphasis is on you in this setting.

Our team of surgeons, specialized physicians, nurses, and other experts will work together to ensure that your overall health care experience is the best it can be for you and your family. We are a prominent hospital that is famous for patient results in orthopedics, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, and general surgery, among other specialties.

Because we collaborated with Damascus Health Services, we can provide a variety of recovery-oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

We serve nearly 20,000 patients every year, thanks to a unique mix of specialized medical and surgical treatments, including 24-hour Intensive Care, that are available around the clock.

Please rest assured that, while visiting a hospital can be a frightening experience, we at Brisbane Private are experienced in providing compassionate care to patients. You’re in the absolute best of hands right now.

So here are the top 7 Best Private Hospitals in Brisbane

  1. Brisbane Day Hospital
  2. Greenslopes Private Hospital
  3. North West Private Hospital
  4. Westside Private Hospital
  5. Chermside Day Hospital
  6. sunnybank private hospital
  7. RiverCity Private Hospital

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Best Museums in Brisbane, Australia 2022

During your visit to the MacArthur Museum Brisbane, you may learn about the significance of Brisbane’s involvement in World War II. Visit General Douglas MacArthur’s office, who served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II, and take a seat at the desk where tactics for winning the war were formed.

Furthermore, you may learn about life in Brisbane during the darkest days of World War II by seeing authentic newsreel films from the period when many worried that the city would be attacked, public air raid shelters lined the streets, and youngsters wore identity discs.

Having dialogues about the changing life of Brisbane, encompassing both its history and current cultures, is the focus of the Museum of Brisbane.

Examine how Brisbane and its inhabitants have changed throughout time, and how each of our individual and collective tales has served as a milestone in the development of the city.

Changing exhibitions stimulate thinking and conversation about the city and its communities through a dynamic calendar of events.

It is always a pleasure to see the exhibitions, which always manage to blur the lines between history, art, and culture. Free guided tours of the City Hall clock tower and basic tours of the building are also available.

Here are the top 7 Best Museums in Brisbane

  1. Museum of Brisbane
  2. Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art
  3. Queensland Museum
  4. Fortitude Valley and New Farm
  5. QUT Art Museum
  6. Birrunga Gallery and Dining
  7. Commissariat Store Museum

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Amazing Beaches in Brisbane that you need to visit in Australia

Numerous secluded beaches, bayside, and neighboring islands may be found in the greater Brisbane region and surrounding suburbs. If you’re looking for a surf beach, a dog beach, or a calm location to lay on a towel in the sun, keep reading to find out where the nearest beaches are to Brisbane.

Ocean Beach, Woorim, and Bribie Island are just a few of the options.

Drive across the bridge to Bribie Island, which is located north of Brisbane, and make your way to the far side of the island to the surf beach at Woodrum.

If you’re interested in learning to surf, Bribie Island Beach School is conveniently located nearby. Always dive in between the flags if you’re merely swimming to make it easier for the lifeguards to keep an eye on you.

So here are the Amazing Beaches in Brisbane that you can visit –

  1. Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island
  2. Frenchmans Beach, North Stradbroke Island
  3. Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island
  4. Honeymoon Bay, Moreton Island
  5. Sylvan Beach, Bribie Island
  6. Bongaree Beach, Bribie Island
  7. Bulwer, Moreton Island
  8. Cowan Beach, Moreton IslaND

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History About Brisbane Australia

Brisbane’s recorded history stretches back to 1799, when Matthew Flinders led an expedition from Port Jackson to investigate Moreton Bay, although the region had been inhabited by the Yugara and Turrbal aboriginal tribes for thousands of years prior.

The settlement was originally intended to serve as a prison colony for British prisoners transported from Sydney.

Europeans didn’t arrive in the region until the first felon jail was built in Redcliffe in 1824, but even that facility was quickly relocated to the site of the current Brisbane CBD in 1825 after officials realized that the river’s natural bend provided a reasonably effective barrier against escape.

The free settlement didn’t commence in the Brisbane area until 1842, owing to the government’s desire to keep the jail separated from the rest of the population at the time of its establishment.

It didn’t take long for the typical variety of entrepreneurs and ex-convicts to arrive, and a settlement began to form around the river.

By the late 1880s, Brisbane had established itself as the primary commercial center and capital of the colony of Queensland, and it had begun to acquire its own distinctive architectural and cultural identity as well.

Famous Personalities From Brisbane, Australia

According to the research, Brisbane is also famous for being the hottest actors and actresses. They were very popular all over the country.

We’ve chosen a few of the most popular, talented, Gorgeous, beautiful Australian actresses. Let’s look for the best female and male actors from Brisbane Australia. The actresses are some of the best-known blondes in Australia.

Courtney ActSinger
Jason BarryOpera singer
Jeffrey BlackOpera singer
Judi ConnellySinger and Actress.
Lisa Gasteen opera singer

Brisbane Facts and Figures

  1. It is the greatest capital city in Asia because it is located on Australia’s eastern shore.
  2. Lonely Planet ranked Brisbane as Australia’s happiest city, and it is true.
  3. Brisbane is roughly five times the size of Japan, seven times the size of Great Britain, and two and a half times the size of the United States of America.
  4. Brisbane has been named as one of the “World’s most livable cities.”
  5. Brisbane has more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital city, with an average of 260 days each year.
  6. South Bank was was a coal port and later served as the site of Expo 88. Today, it is our most visited urban park, and it is home to a beach lagoon the size of five Olympic swimming pools, making it our most visited attraction.
  7. The construction of two major cathedrals (St Stephen’s and St John’s) took more than 100 years in all.
  8. The Story Bridge is a replica of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, which is located in the Canadian city of Montreal!


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