Population of Alice Springs 2022

Alice Springs is a city in the Northern Territory of Australia.

It is the second most populous town in the Northern Territory after Darwin, with an estimated population of more than 29,000 people, accounting for 8.7 percent of the territory’s total population.

In Alice Springs, Aboriginal Australians account for around 18.8 percent of the population and 27.8 percent of the total population of the Northern Territory.

Alice Springs, sometimes known as “Alice,” is a town in central Australia, about in the middle of the country.

According to our estimates, the population of Alice Springs will reach 32,612 people by the end of June 2022. We pick the end of June each year since the Australian Bureau of Statistics consistently follows the Australian financial year when it pushes the data.

The figure is based on an average annual growth rate of 2.39 percent for the previous ten years, dating back to 2011. We feel that utilizing numbers from recent years (as shown in the table in the next section) will improve the accuracy of the estimation.

Population Growth of Alice Springs

Looking back ten years, the population growth rate of Alice Springs has been fairly stable and powerful, ranging from 1.86 percent to 3.60 percent every year, with an annual increase of around 532 to 958 persons to the entire population. The rate of increase is higher than both the state and national averages.

The healthier birth rate and increased life expectancy in Alice Springs are two factors that contribute to the city’s population expansion. In addition, there is not a great deal of population migration in this area.

YearPopulationGrowth rate

Demographics of Alice Springs

According to the census, 51.7 percent of people in Alice are male and 48.3 percent are female. The top five languages (not English) spoken in Alice Springs are Mandarin, Punjabi, Filipino, Thai and Korean. The top six countries of birth for people in Alice Springs are Australia, New Zealand, India, Taiwan, England, and Thailand.

The religious makeup of Alice Springs is 26.2% Religious affiliation not stated, 19.4% No religion, 18.2% Catholic, 7.1% Anglican, 5.1% Uniting Church, 4.3% Christian, 4.0% Lutheran, 3.7% Buddhism, 3.7% Baptist, 3.1% Other Religious Groups.

Population Density of Alice Springs

Alice Springs population density is 85 people per square kilometer, which is one of the most populated cities in the Northern Territory.

Occupations and Industries 

The main occupations of people living in Alice Springs are 20.7% Professionals, 15.9% Technicians & trades workers, 13.1% Managers, 13.1% Community & personal service workers, 12.4% Sales workers, 11.7% Labourers, 8.3% Clerical & administrative workers, 4.8% Machinery operators & drivers.

The main industries people from Alice Springs work in are 25.2% Accommodation and food services, 14.7% Education and training, 13.3% Retail trade, 13.3% Health care and social assistance, 7.0% Public administration and safety, 6.3% Construction, 5.6% Professional, scientific and technical services, 4.2% Rental, hiring and real estate services, 2.1% Arts and recreation services.

Best Universities in Alice Springs Australia 2022

Most students want to go to the best college, no matter where it is. So, if you want to go to one of the best universities in Alice Springs, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best universities in Alice Springs where you can go to school in 2022.

Even though it’s called a multicultural city around the world, Alice Springs is home to 130 different types of people. It has a great climate, a lot of things to do, and a strong economy that attracts a lot of international students.

The best universities of Alice Springs to go to in 2022 will be found here. A lot of people are, too! People from all over the world come to live and study in Australia’s biggest city, which The Economist ranked fifth in the world in 2021. People enjoy the summer sun, beautiful beaches, a laid-back way of life, and a bustling city center.

So here are the top 7 Study Destinations in Alice Springs

  1. Charles Darwin University, Alice Springs Campus
  2. Alice Springs Student Accommodation
  3. Araluen Christian College
  4. St Joseph’s Catholic Flexible Learning Centre Alice Springs
  5. Alice Outcomes
  6. Centralian Senior College
  7. Centre For Remote Health

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Best Private Hospitals in Alice Springs , Australia 2022

Every Citizen deserves good health guidance and support to reach and sustain better health outcomes, from programs that assist you in reaching better health outcomes to guidelines for long-term health concerns. For us, it’s all part of our strategy to help you have a better and happier life.

So here are the top 6 Best Private Hospitals in Alice Springs

  1. Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging – Alice Springs
  2. Central Clinic Alice Springs
  3. Alice Springs (Congress) Respiratory Clinic
  4. Alice Springs Hospital
  5. The Bath St Family Medical Centre
  6. Birth & Beyond Parent Resource Centre Alice Springs

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Best Museums in Alice Springs, Australia 2022

Alice Springs is as well known for the different personalities of its residents and the preservation of traditional art as it is for its natural treasures, which include the magnificent Larapinta Trail and the MacDonnell Ranges that surround it.

Here are the top 5 Best Museums in Alice Springs, Australia

  1. Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum
  2. Road Transport Hallf of Fame
  3. Women’s Museum of Australia & Old Gaol Alice Springs
  4. Yubu Napa Art Gallery
  5. Araluen Arts Centre

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Crazy Things to do in Alice Springs, Australia

With a population of 200,000, Alice Springs is the third-largest city in Australia’s Red Centre and serves as a gateway to the Northern Territory and the Outback, as well as a cultural gateway to Aboriginal Australia.

The city’s colonial and indigenous influences are evident, and notable attractions include the Alice Springs Telegraph Station (constructed in 1872) for its historical significance, the Alice Springs Desert Park for its native fauna, and a slew of museums and indigenous art galleries, among others.

However, for the majority of visitors, the magic continues beyond Alice Springs. To appreciate the enormous, culturally and geologically diverse landscapes around Alice Springs, it is essential to join one of the educational guided excursions that depart from town for a day, two, or even six days at a time.

Here are the top 7 Crazy Things to do in Alice Springs

  1. The Alice Springs Desert Park
  2. The Alice Springs Telegraph Station
  3.  The Royal Flying Doctor Service
  4. Araluen Cultural Precinct
  5. Todd Mall
  6. The School of the Air
  7. Flynn’s Grave

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Amazing Beaches in Alice Springs that you need to visit in Australia

The Northern Territory is not well-known as a beach resort in Australia, despite its proximity to the coast. This is because the state’s ocean is home to two terrible creatures: saltwater crocodiles and jellyfish, both of which may be fatal (in the summer months only).

While there are exceptions to any rule, take a look at some of the most beautiful beaches in the Northern Territory to see what we suggest.

So here are the Amazing Beaches in Alice Springs that you can visit –

  1. ANZAC Hill
  2. Alice Springs Desert Park
  3. Cossies Beach
  4. Mindil Beach
  5. Wagait Beach
  6. Galaru 

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History About Alice Springs Australia

They are known as the Abo-rig­i­nal Arrernte (also known as the arrun­da) people and they are the traditional custodians of Alice Springs and its environs. In the Arrernte language, the city of Alice Springs is known as Mparntwe (pronounced barn-TWA).

According to Arrernte sto­ries, their ancestors, the cater­pil­ar creatures Ayepe-arenye, Ntyarlke, and Utnerren­gatye, were responsible for the creation of the land­scape that surrounds Alice, including the MacDon­nell Ranges.

As well as explaining the traditional connection with more distant regions, such as Urlather­rke (Mount Zeil) in the West MacDon­nell Ranges and Port Augus­ta in South Australia, creation stories also explain the traditional connection with more localized areas.

Traditional law is still followed by Arrernte peo­ple residing in Mparn­twe, and they continue to care for the country and teach their chil­dren about the importance of culture and Arrernte language.

Famous Personalities From Alice Springs, Australia

According to the research, Alice Springs is also famous for being the hottest actors and actresses. They were very popular all over the country.

We’ve chosen a few of the most popular, talented, Gorgeous, beautiful Australian actresses. Let’s look for the best female and male actors from Alice Springs, Australia. The actresses are some of the best-known blondes in Australia.

Clifford Possum TjapaltjarriAustralian artist
Steve DoddAustralian soldier, actor
Alex RhodesAustralian racing cyclist
Shirley BrownAustralian author

Alice Springs Facts and Figures

  1. During the summer, the average temperature in the city is 35.6 degrees Celsius, while in the winter, the average temperature is 5.1 degrees Celsius.
  2. From Adelaide and Darwin, it’s about the same distance to go to Alice Springs.
  3. It’s in the time zone of Australian Central Standard Time (UTC +9). Please keep in mind that there is no daylight savings time or summer time in the Northern Territory, which is in the middle of the country.
  4. It is also the capital of the outback, which is the real, Australian outback.
  5. Alice Springs is the main town and administration centre for a region that is about the size of Texas.
  6. People from the United States have been living in Alice Springs since the Air Force Detachment 421, which was set up in 1954.
  7. There are an average of 32 people in Alice Springs, and they are all over 32 years old on average.
  8. In Alice Springs, you can find the Flying Doctor Service and a radio-linked school for kids who live in the “outback” (a place where kids can go to school).


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