Gujarat bridge collapse kills 133, injures 93

Rescue and relief efforts in Morbi town will be assisted by teams from the Indian Army, IAF, Navy, and Coast Guard.

According to government reports, 133 people have died as a result of the Morbi suspension bridge collapse in Gujarat, even though the search and rescue effort is still going on and teams from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force are contributing.

The century-old cable suspension bridge fell into the Machchu river, injuring up to 93 more persons who are now being treated at both public and private hospitals. Nine of them are being treated at a private hospital, while 84 are receiving care in the government hospital in Morbi, according to the sources.

Instead, 132 people were killed, according to Minister of State for Panchayat Brijesh Merja. 132 deaths have been verified so far, and two more individuals are still listed as missing, according to Merja, who spoke to The Indian Express. The search and rescue effort is still ongoing, and the wounded are receiving care.

In a notification released on Monday, the Gujarati government said that all 132 remains had been given to their corresponding family. Six of the 11 wounded persons have been released from the hospital, while five more are receiving medical attention, claims the statement. According to the announcement, 172 persons were saved.

Teams from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Coast Guard have been requested to help with rescue and relief efforts in Morbi town, where the bridge fell on Sunday night.

The search and rescue effort is being supported by two Army columns from Surendranagar and Bhuj as well as a group of Garud commandos from the Indian Air Force stationed at Jamnagar. 50 divers from two Indian Navy teams, from Jamnagar and Porbandar, have also been requested. Additionally requested for aid is a Surendranagar-based Army medical team. In addition to this, there are currently seven teams from the fire department, five teams from the NDRF, eight platoons from the SDRF, and five teams from the NDRF.

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