Despite The Conflict, India Draw Record Investments

The PM said Karnataka was writing a new chapter of growth in every area at Invest Karnataka 2022.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Wednesday that India is drawing record investment despite the conflict and Covid epidemic.

The PM spoke through video conferencing after launching Invest Karnataka 2022. The three-day Bengaluru meeting aims to recruit investors and define growth goals for the next decade.

“The economy is unstable.” We have excellent economic foundations. India guaranteed enough supply of medicines and vaccines despite global supply chain disruptions, PM Modi remarked.

Developing in India is “investing in inclusion,” he remarked. India’s investment means democracy. India is a global investment. It’s a planet-saving investment. India’s investment means a cleaner, safer earth.

Modi said Karnataka’s growth began with BJP administrations at the center and state levels. “This is why innovation, FDI, and 400 Fortune-500 firms are in the state,” he added, adding that Karnataka is writing a new chapter of success in every field.

“Karnataka is challenging not just certain Indian states but even some nations,” he remarked.

India offers the world’s greatest industrial incentive and largest medical insurance system. “FDI is expanding, and so are medical schools. We’re reducing business impediments while building 1.5 lakh healthcare centers. He said India is seeking bold change, bold infrastructure, and the greatest talent.

About PM Gati Shakti’s national master plan, which changed the country’s investment patterns, PM Modi said that the program operated in three dimensions: it mapped, developed, and adjusted infrastructure; it made sure that a scheme was implemented in the quickest manner possible, and it made sure that products of the highest quality were produced.

More than 80 speaker sessions will take place throughout the three days of the investors’ meeting in Bengaluru, which runs until November 4. Some of the leading figures in the business, like Vikram Kirloskar, Sajjan Jindal, and Kumar Mangalam Birla, are among the speakers.

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