Best Beaches in Townsville for Families

The beaches in Townsville are generally found in the northern city or on Magnetic Beach (25 minutes by ferry).

The beaches to the north are ideal for a picnic or a long stroll down the beach, but if you’re looking for a beach where you can rent a paddleboard or kayak, we suggest heading over to Magnetic Island.

The following is a list of beaches in the Townsville region.


It’s a lovely golden sand beach that spans two kilometers along the seashore and is shaded by palm palms.

This is the beach to go to if you want to be near ice cream, playgrounds, cafés, and restaurants.

The view of the port is the one thing that keeps the Strand from being a perfect 10. The containers and cranes serve as a reminder that this is a major industrial city, but all you have to do is gaze left towards Magnetic Island to ignore them.


Rowes Bay is the next neighborhood to the north of the Strand, beyond Kissing Point.

Although this isn’t the nicest beach in the region, it is in a fantastic position, near to the city and reasonably calm.

If you’re searching for a central and calm place to stay overnight that’s near to the beach, there’s an excellent caravan park there.


Despite the fact that Cape Pallarenda seems to be in the middle of nowhere, you can see Castle Hill and the city across the harbor.

Pallarenda is known for its walking trails and mountain riding, but it also has a few beaches.

This whole region is a natural park that is home to approximately 200 different bird species.

There are no amenities (apart from toilets), so bring plenty of water, bug repellant, and sunscreen if you intend on trekking the trails.


Bushland Beach is a suburban beach on the outskirts of Townsville, bordered by residential building projects all the way to the Bruce Highway.

This indicates that ice cream and beverages are available for purchase. In the park, there is also a tavern along the coastline, as well as BBQ facilities.


This little small beach town is home to one of the region’s greatest unspoiled and untouched beaches.

Our recommendation for the best beach in Saunders Beach.

It features roughly 6 kilometers of lovely golden sands and, like many Australian beaches, very few people.

There’s a little general shop, but that’s about it. Overnight camping is offered for campervans at Saunders Beach Park, which also has toilet facilities.


Although the beach lacks stores and services, you will have no trouble locating an empty space for a family picnic. Because the trees are situated back from the shore, bring your own shade.

At low tide, you can see how much of the beach is shallow and stony under the waves, although the beach is nicer to the north, past the residences.

You’ll have to go a long distance out to find water deep enough to swim in, although remaining near to shore is always a good idea.

Crocs may be seen in neighboring Bluewater Creek, and people have reported seeing them swimming by. They’ve been seen swimming out to the islands.

On the plus side, during low tide, this beach is ideal for strolling the dog or playing beach cricket.

Townsville, Australia’s biggest city in tropical north Queensland, is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Because of a lack of national and international expertise, planning an itinerary for a first-time tourist to Townsville and surroundings who is short on time and wants to get the greatest value for their money may be challenging, despite the region’s remarkable choice of things to see and do.

In order to make planning your Townsville vacation simpler, we’ve put up a suggested schedule for stays of 2, 3, 4, and 5 days in Townsville.

With these suggestions, we want to present the first-time tourist with a mix of seeing and experiencing the most important things to see and do in Townsville and its neighboring places, such as Magnetic Island and others.

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