Best Beaches in Cairns for Families

When you think about Cairns and the tropical North, ideas of gorgeous clean beaches with soft white sand, calm crystal blue seas, and lush palm palms come to mind.

But what about the rest of the country? When you visit the beaches of Cairns and the Tropical North, you’ll get exactly that, and there are many to pick from.

Some beaches, however, stand out from the crowd, therefore in this post, we’ll look at the beaches that we think are the greatest in Cairns and the Tropical North

Best Beaches in Cairns for Families

1. Beaches of Trinity

Trinity Beach is a great local hangout around 20 minutes north of Cairns. It’s a laid-back, family-friendly beach with a laid-back attitude. It is tucked between two enormous headlands, providing the impression of being isolated from the rest of the world.

Trinity Beach is a laid-back residential beach, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize with the locals at one of the numerous pubs, cafés, restaurants along the esplanade, or one of the free beachside BBQs.

There are several lodging alternatives available, ranging from affordable hotels to five-star apartments, as well as a small commercial town with everything you need, such as a grocery store, medical center, and post office.

2. Palm-Cove

Palm Cove is a small town in the state of Florida

Palm Cove is a 30-minute drive from Cairns and just north of Trinity Beach. This beautiful coastline is surrounded by waving palm palms, as the name indicates.

Palm Cove has a residential beach as well, but it is more of a boutique beach town, with 5-star resorts and a variety of sophisticated cafés and restaurants along the esplanade, all set amid the towering Melaleuca trees.

There are free BBQs along the beachfront, as well as a trailer park at the far northern end of the beach, so it caters to all budgets.

It’s also the only one of the northern beaches with a jetty, which is packed every evening with residents and visitors looking for a bite to eat for the night.

3. Nudey Beach.

Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island is the place to go if you want to get a true tropical beach experience. Fitzroy Island is a 45-minute boat journey from Cairns Marina and is tucked within the Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by magnificent coral and a plethora of colorful aquatic life.

Tropical rainforest covers the island, with 97 percent of it designated as a protected National Park. Nudey Beach is located within a short distance from the Welcome Bay jetty.

Nudey Beach is a small stretch of pristine white sand that slopes gently into the calm, clear Coral Sea and is surrounded by rainforest and granite boulders.

It was ranked No. 1 in Australia’s Best Beaches Award for 2018 and is a small stretch of pristine white sand that slopes gently into the calm, clear Coral Sea and is surrounded by rainforest and granite boulders.

The beach is laid-back and welcoming, and you can easily lose track of time while lounging on the sand and soaking up the sun, or snorkeling among the coral just off the beach.

Because Fitzroy Island has so many other things to do and see, it normally only gets a few people at a time, so you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to your own tropical Island Paradise.

4. Beach, Ellis

The last of Cairns’ Northern Beaches, Ellis Beach is separated from Palm Cove by a rocky outcropping. In contrast to its popular neighbor, it is a tranquil, relaxing beach with plenty of room for a nice stroll over the 6-kilometer length of soft, squeaky sand.

It is completely undeveloped, with the Ellis Beach Caravan Park serving as the sole place to stay, which is located directly on the beach.

The only place to dine within walking distance is a licensed bar/cafe tucked at the foot of the jungle with stunning views of the beach across the road, which is worth a visit. Ellis Beach has fewer tourists than other Cairns beaches, making it ideal for people seeking solitude and peace.

5. Port Douglas’ Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach is Port Douglas’ main beach, and it’s just a 5-minute walk from the sophisticated and expensive town center. It starts at the northern rocky headland and runs over four miles, reaching as far as the eye can see with no buildings or structures to break up the spectacular scenery.

All apartments and vacation rentals are carefully tucked away behind a deep grove of swaying palm trees, giving you the impression of being miles away from civilization while yet being near to everything you need.

With so much area, you’ll have no trouble finding your beach paradise where you can rest, swim, and take in the breathtaking vistas.

These are probably five of the best beaches along the gorgeous Tropical North coastline. They are all stunningly gorgeous, but each one is distinct in what it has to offer those who are fortunate enough to come.

Cairns is a coastal city with green lawns, restaurants, pubs, sporting, and recreational facilities, and a 4800m2 lagoon along the Esplanade.

Because the city lacks a beach, you’ll need to go north to one of Cairns’ Northern Beaches if you want to relax on a traditional beach with palm trees and swimming places.

With stinger nets gone and sunny days dominating the weather chart, Cairns’s winter temps remain around the mid-twenties (Celsius), making it the perfect time to enjoy the beaches.

Most foreshores provide free grills, encouraging tourists and residents alike to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the tropics.

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